iHeater Reviews – What iHeater Owners Have To Say

I spent the better half of a Saturday searching the internet to
find a bunch of iHeater Reviews you can go through
before you decide to buy. I went to as many iHeater and
iHeater 1500 forums as I could find to get the truth. I
must say I was pleased with the results. My goal in
doing this was that I would report both the good and the
bad reviews I found.

My personal feeling is that the iHeater and iHeater 1500 products are the best infrared heaters on the market today, especially if you’re concerned about the things that we are. The most important things to me and my family is that we have a heater that is completely safe, that warms the house quickly, and that saves us money on our electric bill. The only real differences between the iHeater and iHeater 1500 are that they are designed to heat different size houses. Also, the iHeater 1500 comes in a few different colors.


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When I read the iHeater reviews, I was especially careful to find out about the iHeater’s safety record, and I wanted to confirm that the money back guarantee and 1 year warranty were legitimate.

The Best Of The iHeater Reviews I Found

I’m still amazed at the performance of my efficient iHeater. I am so glad I bought one. It more than I expected. I highly recommend the iHeater for others.

By Blue Eagle – Amazon.com

I run this unit in my finished basement – about 300 SF. It heats it well and does not dry us out I love the remote!!! and auto shut on timer!! But thank god it had that because the thermostat does not work correctly. Sometimes it runs all night when set on 61 and my room thermometer says it 66 which is 5′ from it. Sometimes it shuts off when its on 61 and the room is down at 57. So really that thermostat is not working as it should…wish it did. I have not received my electric bill yet so im not sure how efficient it is. But at 1500w i have to assume its going to cost the same as any 1500w unit but just works better.

It is certainly a lot better heat source than other units ive had but its also more than 3x as much so i expect it should be. My only other complaint is the really bright backlit screen – its really nice (if it was on a my digital mixing console or my car dash) but not at 3am in your bedroom. Im probably going to need to make a cover for it.

By Dan B – Amazon.com

I have the 1500 model and it does seem to heat my fully tiled space of about 200 square feet in the basement. The basement is kept at 60 degrees and turned up to 68 degrees on the medium setting about 15 minutes before I go down and have a workout. It is generally 66-68 degrees by that time and fairly comfortable. I heat up alot when working out and do not want too much heat. The key things are insulation and a fairly tight room construction that is not drafty. I will experiment by using this heater in my 360 sq ft, well insulated shop. I believe it will do just fine as my shop is quite well built. klisco

By klisco – Amazon.com

We bought an iHeater 1500 after using a standard infrared tower heater so, we had some idea of how to use it. It doesn’t work miracles but it will warm a room when used in conjunction with a regular heater, propane in our case. Here is the difference it makes and what it does. First, our room is only 500 square feet but has a sloping ceiling 12’at the highest point and 8′ at the lowest making air circulation important so, we bought the larger capacity heater intentionally. This heater comes on and with the fan running, it slowly starts heating the room. It takes a while to feel the effect and unlike the propane heater that just heats the air, the iHeater actually heats the floor, walls, furniture and bed with the infrared heat. We notice the biggest difference in the room that has only propane heat. Chairs and fixtures are colder to the touch and the air temperature gradient can be anywhere from 2 to 5 degrees cooler. It works as advertised and we notice the biggest difference at night because the bed is definitely warmer from the infrared heat.

The heater cycles on and off as it should and we are using significantly less propane. I won’t say 50% less because we need to see how it does during the colder months to really evaluate it’s performance cost wise. Regardless though, we are more comfortable in the room with the iHeater than in the rooms without it, just as we expected.

I think the biggest mistake people make with these types of heaters is that that have an expectation it will instantly warm a room and will replace your other heat source. It doesn’t work that way. Used in conjunction with and to supplement your normal heat source though, it does what it needs to do. The other thing you need to realize with any infrared heater is that you need to leave it on so that it cycles and continuously heats the floor, furniture, walls, etc.

I would definitely buy another one of these heaters and we are finding the PTC element to be preferable to bulb heat. I would also recommend this heater but caution that you need to understand how it works and how to use it to get the best results. Bottom line, we like it, it works and does what it is supposed to do.

By Merlinkiss “Pat” – Amazon.com

This works great in my apartment. I live on the bottom of the building so the floor is often cold. This heater keeps the floor warm and I don’t even have to use the furnace. It works best in the larger area of the room. I highly recommend this to anyone.

By Joshua Holmes – Amazon.com

What a great little unit. I wasn’t expecting much to honest just something to help a little with the cold WI winters and the high heating bills. I have the 1500 model hoping to keep the living room warm on my 1600 sq. ft home. I was amazed how it did this and more. I have 3 bedrooms upstairs and as long as I kept the doors open it did a nice job of even warming them from downstairs. If people think you just turn it on and instant heat your living in a dream world. It takes time, not overly long either but it does take a bit. Very very quiet. Just bought another smaller unit for my daughter that she also just loves.

By R. Wink – Amazon.com

iHeater – iHeater 365- Brand New product!

I suggest that if anyone who reads this does purchase a heater or multiple heaters, to figure some overkill just in case of that extra cold unexpected day, or just to make sure to save the optimum amount of money as possible. Keep in mind that if one of these are running full blast constantly every day to barely keep up, then that is constant electricity being pulled, but if you are running 2 or 3 of them spaced out among the location, then the heat will be spread out more evenly and they will run alot less altogether than the one that would be running constantly (non-stop) all day and all night.

I personally believe these things are the best things since sliced bread, but I used common sense when I set my expectations for the product. If you think that you can purchase one of these to heat 1500 sq ft and the rooms are very chopped up and/or you don’t have insulation above the ceiling or under the crawlspace and/or in some outer walls, but not in others, then you really setting yourself up for disapoint or just want to buy one to be mad about it and prove the person that told you about them wrong.

Also, the one review I read on here said that they asked about a return policy by e-mail and never got a response from TOP TEN IMPORTS. But yet, she still bought it anyway. First off, if you e-mail someone about a product you are wanting to purchase and they don’t respond, then why would you still buy from them after you already see what their customer service is like. There are other places that sale these products, find one with the customer service and courtesy you expect, then buy it from there. In my opinion, that person chose their own fate with this heater and not being able to return it due to not getting answers before she bought.

Hope some people find this helpful.

By K. Noel – Amazon.com

My parents have a friend that sells Iheaters, so they got two of them. While they were out of the country I borrowed them. We have a tri-level home with gas water heat. We are currently on the budget plan paying 180.00/month and it is going up to 190/month. We just got a gas bill and an electric bill right before we set the heaters up. Our electric was 109.00 and our gas bill had we not been on the budget would have been 523.00 We put one heater in the kitchen because it is always cold, the thermostat for the heater is upstairs and set at 68 degrees, this kitchen is 64 degrees. We also set the other heater in the basement were we have a family area set up, this is 4 steps down from the family room that is also used alot. We did also have to get a couple of oil filled radiators for two of the bedrooms that are over the garage and are always very cold. We were finally warm in the bedrooms and kitchen. Needing to use a heater in the basement since the heater wasn’t calling for heat.
We got the next months bills. Out electric did go up to 185.00 but I was leaving the iheaters on all night later discovering the built in timers. I them started tuning them on at night and setting them to come on in the morning. I work from home so I kept the one on in the basement all day. We started turning the oil filled radiators off in the morning too. Our gas bill, well….. if we had not been on the budget our bill would have been 221.00 A net savings of 215.00!!
We did have to give my parents the heaters back when they got back ( they have noticed a 100.00 reduction in their electric bill since being back)
We are picking up our two iheaters from their friend today and then we are going to go off the budget and put the savings away!!

By k seb – Amazon.com

iHeater Reviews – The REAL Truth

I know you’re probably thinking that it would be easy for me to make these iHeater reviews up (I tend to think everything online is), but I didn’t. If you have any doubts, spend a couple hours searching and you will see it’s true. The bottom line is that you can never know for sure until you try it. A money back guarantee, free shipping, and 1 yr warranty makes it even easier.

This is not all the iHeater reviews I found There was more, some were good, some were bad. I just didn’t have room to list them all, but there’s one thing I noticed, they all seemed to save people money and were safe around children and pets.

NEW iheater IH-1500B Quartz Infrared Portable Heater

My Family’s Experience With iHeater

I can only tell you with certainty how my family likes the iHeater. The very first day we got the iHeater and felt how quickly it warmed the house, I was intrigued to find out if the surface was really as cool as the company claims it is. My leg brushed up on the iHeater inadvertently when I was reclining in my lazy boy right next to it, and it was warm but not hot. One of the funniest things that happened after we fired the iHeater up was that my 2 children, ages 4 and 6, like to run over and warm their hands on the iHeater when we come in from out of the cold. After seeing this, and touching the iHeater after it had been on for over an hour, I was convinced that the unit was safe for my family.

Here’s something else I’ll do for you to make this the best investment you’ll ever make when it comes to heating your home.

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WARNING! Don’t Waste Your Time With The
iHeater Company Website!

If you want to buy a safe product, and you need to make a huge dent in your heating bills, then I strongly suggest you try the iHeater . I found that the best place to get the genuine iHeater or iHeater 1500 from Amazon.com. This is the best way to buy because you get a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, fast free shipping and a 1 year manufacturer warranty when you buy directly from Amazon. Not only do you get a MUCH CHEAPER PRICE AT AMAZON, You also get 12 MONTHS INTEREST FREE FINANCING– just for signing up for their credit card! The iHeater resellers often do not have free shipping and only one of them has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Often, you will have to wait to receive your iHeater from the company website, but it is always in stock and ships fast from Amazon. I learned from other iHeater reviews that other types of infrared heaters are just too hot to keep in our home.

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iHeater 1000 Watt Infrared Portable Home Heater, i Heater

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